My Planet-Friendly Promise

Living sustainably is really important to me. I gave up eating meat over 2 years ago for this very reason! It's essential that my business reflects my values, so here's what I'm doing to be eco-friendly;


♥   My products come ‘naked’ (no film) with a recyclable note card & biodegradable twine, in fully recyclable paper packaging. Market & wholesale orders come in completely biodegradable film for protection.

♥   I will always use a UK based printer (I love to support local & use one just a 5 minute walk from me!)

♥   I have a message on the back of each card encouraging people to recycle them.

♥   Some products are made using recycled materials (& my business cards are made from recycled cotton t-shirts!)

This is a process, & one I am wanting to continually improve on. As I grow, this eco-promise will be at the forefront of my mind.

If you have any suggestions, I'd be so happy to hear them.