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Bespoke Pricing - the ins & outs

I've now been doing what I do for 18 months and as I grow in experience, I am learning to value my skill, time and energy.

I've decided that from July 1st 2021, any bespoke design work have to be discussed with Amy via email or message before a quote is provided (including completely bespoke greeting cards).

I'm writing this blog post in the hope that my lovely customers will gain a deeper understanding of my 'why' and ultimately respect me for knowing my worth as an artist. I have such passion and pride in creating these unique pieces, but in order for me to offer it sustainably, the price must fairly reflect the skills used and time taken.


Why choose Beloved Creations over a cheap supermarket item?

  • Artist-led designs
  • One-of-a-kind creations (not mass-produced)
  • Charitable donations - you're helping to plant trees 
  • Supporting an eco-conscious brand
  • Personalised items can be framed & double up as a gift 
  • Helping a local, small business & encouraging entrepreneurship


"Surely one bespoke card will only take 20 minutes! Can't you just continue charging £5.95?"

The reality is I've been treating my bespoke cards as a product, when they are a multi-faceted service.

Just one bespoke card can take me up to 2 hours in total - including speaking with the customer, researching the design, sketching, pen-work and watercolour artwork, then going back to the client with a preview, packing it up and walking to the post-box. 

I need to be charging my time out for at least minimum wage (say £10 per hour), this means that before I've even taken into account materials, I have lost money on a £5.95 card.

I love your work but I can't afford a bespoke item...

Good news! I pride my brand on having a range of affordability options so that everyone has a chance to purchase a Beloved Creation. If a 'bespoke' option is slightly out of your price-range right now, please take a look at my personalisable card options here which strike a happy medium between unique and affordable.


Amy's view on bespoke cards

There are so many cards and letters that I've treasured ever since I was a little girl. From time to time, I'll dig them out and read them - sometimes I laugh, sometimes I shed a tear, sometimes I reminisce, sometimes I simply appreciate an old friend's handwriting. 

When someone I love takes the time to choose a special card for me and write a really personal message, my heart bursts with emotion. It's the thoughtfulness that means the most - we all lead such busy lives that when someone makes a true effort to make me smile, it really counts.

To me, it's never 'just a card', it's using words to capture a special moment and being able to treasure it forever.