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I quit my day job in the middle of a pandemic...

Welcome to my first ever Beloved Blog post! It’s now been just over 3 months since I started working on Beloved Creations full-time, so I wanted to share a bit about my background and why I took this leap of faith.

At the start of 2020, I was working as an Operations Manager in Marylebone and had been for over 3 years. I'd always really enjoyed my job and met some of my best friends working there, but I was definitely ready for a change (plus my new creative passion was at the forefront of my mind!)

I've always loved drawing but started practicing calligraphy/watercolours in the summer of 2019 and sent a few cards to friends. I was honoured when one of my besties asked me to design and create 48 bespoke wedding invitations for her. It took me a very long time, learning as I went, but I was really pleased with how they turned out.


48 Handmade Wedding Invites


I had known for a couple of years that I wanted to start a small business of my own but I hadn’t quite refined my idea until early 2020. This is when I decided to start an Instagram account selling individually handmade greeting cards for special occasions. I didn't know much about running a small business but I did know I needed to start somewhere. It took around 10 days to get my first order and 4 weeks later, I’d created 270 cards (including a commission of 120 'Thank You' cards for a school in Kent). I had a business!

The Covid-19 pandemic was slowly getting worse and I was furloughed on 1st April for 2 months. This gave me the perfect opportunity to push my little business. Whilst a lot of people were using furlough to catch up on sleep and Netflix, I was setting my alarm at 6am and working 14 hour days, learning and very steadily building up Beloved Creations. It was the most fulfilled I’d ever felt!

I went back to work on 1st June and was obviously really grateful to have been taken back to a job when so many others were losing them. I balanced orders before/after work and commuting into the office every weekday for around 5 months.

As a one-woman-band, I did find it difficult. I burnt out a couple of times as I hadn’t given myself a proper day off in months (more on burn-out in a future post!) 

One Saturday morning in August 2020, my boyfriend and I were chatting and I found myself getting upset again because of some ongoing issues at my day job. We ended up having a big discussion about my job and the end result was Ross offering to temporarily support me whilst I quit and focused full-time on Beloved Creations. I cried with disbelief and happiness! I literally couldn’t have made this huge decision without Ross’ overall incredible support. I think you really do need your loved ones’ backing you when you make any big life decision and I’m SO lucky that I’ve got that with my partner, family & friends as my cheerleaders.

I wanted to write this post as it shows the building blocks of how I started. Moving forward, I can't wait to share my many musings on;

♥  Behind-the-scenes of running my biz

♥  Living well (self-care, mindfulness etc.)

♥  Reflections on living in this weird and wonderful world

I always try to keep my content as real and authentic as possible (after-all, life is a rollacoaster*) so I'll be sharing my highs and lows of it all.


*yep, deliberate reference to Ronan Keating right there.